Gifts from xSTJs: a visual guide for all occasions

Though it might at first glance seem imprudent to expect xSTJs to gift you with something phatt, this very thing is in fact highly possible. Merely recognize that the average xSTJ doesn’t much truck with Ne, which seems to them a giddy function, full of false empowerment and poor life choices. And that they lead with Si+Te, the combo of putting food on the table and making you explain why exactly you need fancy shampoo when regular shampoo is more available. Explain, then. Do not make them guess, since making xSTJs guess is just as infuriating to them as someone making you use regular shampoo would be for you.

To wit, these scenarios have actually happened to me in almost this exact manner:


  1. Conner

    Oh my god.

  2. Oh mom. Just, my mom all the way. SHE GOT ME THREE WATCHES THIS CHRISTMAS. THREE OF THEM. And I don’t even wear them anymore, it’s all so sad. Sob.

  3. Nat

    My mom got me a 3/8 scale guitar because months in advance I sent her an email to the site that sold the guitar, lol. The subject was something like “This please for Xmas” and included in the email was a list of reasons why a) the price was great and b) the site was safe.

  4. Nicole

    Haha very accurate

  5. DH

    my mom (ESTJ) just deposits money into my account for Xmas and my birthday. I don’t write out lists of things I want (I just want her to use her brain and figure it out!), so she has to guess. instead of guessing, she gives me money haha. my husband’s mom (I suspect an ISFJ) and dad (ESTJ) gave him socks for his bday. SOCKS. it’s not so much the item, it’s that so little thought was put into it!

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